Home Decor "Must Haves". Black, White & Gold Theme!

Here we are, the most exciting step of owning a home - it's the decorating and putting finishing touches to your masterpiece!  I've seen many Pinterest and Instagram trending posts, about inspired home decor styles. Even though there were different influencers they all had few decor items in common - I call them the home decor "must-haves".

However, those exact posts made me feel like everything they were selling me on was out of my budget so I went to my favorite and reliable Amazon Home. Yup! A place where I can find exactly what I need in little to no time plus Amazon is super affordable. If you haven't signed up for Amazon Prime, I suggest you do so. With Amazon Prime life just becomes much easier:)

Amazon Home Decor

Amazon Home

I started looking and saving my finds on my Amazon page and I thought it was time to share them on my blog. These 10 items are home 'must haves', especially if you're started from scratch, need a refresher or just becoming a new home owner. These affordable yet  fashion savvy home decor items will give your home the vibrant and trendy feel it's longing for.

Purchasing big stuff like a couch, a table or a rug gives the room the direction for the look your are going for but picking out the right decor is what makes your vision complete. Let's dive in.

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