Hérmes Voyager Bag!

'Travel in Wonderland' is what the graffiti says on the bag. This vinyl bag, by Hermes, is almost impossible to get your hands on; and you know how we, women, are about things that we can't get - we want it even more. I first spotted this purse on Instagram when celebs like Araiana Grande and Rita Ore were flooding my IG. I started digging deeper and became a purse investigator over night.

Vintage Hermes Clear Kelly

Nothing entertains me more than reading a fashion history or watching a documentary about fashion. Back in 1997, Hermes introduced their limited edition of the 'Kelly' transparent vinyl purse in white; and the following year they introduced an orange one in a memories of the terrorists attack in Paris (1995).

When Hermes was getting ready for their fashion show, they sent out clear 'Kelly' bags to theirs guests to help pass through checkpoints with ease; so the bags were given only to the VIPs that attended the show.

Au Voyage Dupe

I've found the real Hermes pre-owned Vinyl Kelly tote (pic above) and I've also found dupes of the Kelly tote. Depending on your budget you can choose your favorite. I personally don't remember where I got mine but I've found similar styles! Even though the purse seems like a small tote, it can hold a lot of your valuables. Comes with a lock so you don't loose your things and a strap if you want to cross-body it. I've found other designs that are also super trendy and chic!  You can never go wrong with SheIn's purse selection.

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