Bye-bye to flat irons & hello to hairbrush straighteners!!

Girls with straight hair dream about curls and girls with curls want straight hair. There is no winning when you are a woman 🙂 If you have thick curly hair like I do, I have a solution for how to straighten your hair without damaging it.

Curls are so hard to manage but if you have afro-textured hair than it’s very hard to tame and straighten it will bring some challenges. I have tried every single product from makeup brands and drug stores, to either protect my hair from straightening or get my curls to relax and not to freeze. Especially living in Florida is the worst thing I could have done to avoid crazy, frizzy curls. The humidity kills my straight hair every time to a point where I feel and hear my hair frizzing up and it sounds like pop rocks candy.

Hairbrush straightener

The hair straightener brush is a new trend in the beauty industry. It is perfect for those rushed days when you need to quickly fix the frizz and go. The hair straightener brush helps you manage those tough curls and give you the relax, smooth look. Amazon has variety of good quality straighteners with thousands of reviews from customers that will help narrow down your choices. I personally use it and love every minute of it.

For curly hair fashionistas, you need to set the temperature higher to deal with our hair. It takes about 1 minute to heat up to the temperature you want. For the best results use Argan or coconut oil to give the hair extra protection and make sure your hair is dry. Some of them come with an LED so it’s easier to set the temp. For safety reasons it automatically shuts off after not using it for 30 minutes. I think it is a great feature to add for those people that always forget to turn off the iron.

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End Note

I think it’s time for you to take a break from your flat iron and start trying the hairbrush straightener. We all know that curly hair needs a lot of attention and hair straightener brush provides touch-ups within minutes leaving your hair looking like you’re fresh from the salon. I suggest testing out these Amazon brands and see how well it works for your hair but I don’t you will be disappointed in this product.

XoXo Nina

P.S have any questions, please feel free to comment below.

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This is such a cool product! I have a Karmin straightening brush and it’s my favorite..