Halo Bassinest Sleeper for babies

If you are becoming a mom or recently became one, I have found a perfect piece of furniture for you. Yes, it has something to do with your sleep schedule!

New moms can get overwhelmed for the first few weeks of taking care of the little peanut. Halo Bedside Bassinest Sleeper will help you get the sleep and the rest that you need.

Crib vs. Bassinet

Experts have mentioned that buying cribs for babies will help them learn how to become more independent, meaning going to sleep by themselves and not crying if left alone in the room. However, first few weeks babies tend to wake up every few hours in need of either eating or changing. If the nursery is far away from your bedroom it could become frustrating and exhausting getting out of bed every few hours. The bassinets becomes beneficial during these crucial times.

Some parents don’t mind waking up few times during the night and tend the baby. They actually look at it as an experience of becoming a new mom and they are not wrong, being a mom is a full time job and not an easy one either. If there is a product that will assist you at an early stages of raising your child, buy it and try it.

I think it depends on you as a person, what’s more convenient for you. For example, I would choose the bassinet since I am a deep sleeper and hate waking up. I do agree with the fact that teaching babies independence at an early age is necessary. However, I don’t think it makes a big  difference to a week old infant where he/she sleeps. At that age, all that babies think about is food and poop!

Halo Bassinest Sleeper

Using the Halo Sleeper will ensures that your little one stays as close to you as possible with the easy gliding adjustable disks. The space saving design helps you pull the bassinet closer or further away from your bed. It is also adjustable starting from 24″ to 34″ tall, so that the baby can be visible at an eye level. The basket itself is 17 ” wide by 30″ long. Remember you will need an opening of 2-3 inches under your bed for the bassinet to fit.

It has a retractable wall that lowers from the pressure of your forearm. The wall also helps reduce the risk of bed sharing with the little one. It comes with a mattress and and a mattress cover, however you can make your infant even more comfortable by buying the newborn insert that provides narrow flat surface to help the baby feel secure. This particular bassinet makes attending your newborn at home a lot much easier.

There are other similar products that cost thousands of dollars but why would you spend so much money when you have Amazon caring the same product that does same thing and costs less money. This is what i call smart shopping.

End Note

This article was inspired by my girlfriends recent pregnancy announcement and I think I am more excited and nervous that she is. It’s like I am the one that’s having the baby 🙂 I just can’t wait to meet the little one!!

Halo Bassinest is an amazing product that was inspired by mother’s that were in need of sleep and comfort.  It helps you nurse and tend your baby without getting out of bed and loosing sleep. Now that’s what I call enjoying the motherhood!

XoXo Nina

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