Wedding Attire Guide

Our beaches are know for weddings. Just driving down on A1A, you see so many wedding parties, that makes me smile realizing that these two people are about to start their new journey in life. Each wedding is different that means that you have to dress up to suit the attire. Here are some ideas to help you find your dress to impress. Although there is nothing wrong with re-wears, brewing incision of selfies could leave you wanting a different outfit.

Tips and Tricks

  1.  NEVER wear white; leave it up to the bride to work the white dress.
  2. The fits of the dress very important. Showing off your curves is always necessary however, leaving the tight dresses for ladies night would be a better choice.
  3. Don’t wear distracting colors. I think solid look would be a better choice for wedding parties. Nonetheless, there is nothing wrong to use pops of color here and there to make it stand out.

Formal Look:

Asos addition backless maxi dress is just to die for. Embroidered design all over the dress with power sleeves to make the dress look bold and fearless.  Wow! You fancy huh?
Followed by the satin red lipstick with the soft shine finish design by one and only Asos Design Makeup Collection.

Another Formal Look:

ASOS Blouson Lace line mini dress, that can also be used at a formal event. Bedazzling the dress with gorgeous Warehouse pearl Orb drop earrings. Simple and clean look.

Semiformal Attire:

This True Violet midi dress with floral prints is just so pretty and perfect for not only the wedding events but also for the ladies night! Styling it with New Look cross strap platform sandals are the perfect match for this particular dress. It will give you the height you need for this dress.

Another Semiformal Dress:

ASOS crepe bandeau bow midi dress is another look you can do for semiformal event. This is the dress to distract. Strapless design with one sleeve detail just gives the dress the wow factor. Following it with New Look Barely there straps sandals. With Gem embellished straps give that extra sparkle look that it needs.

Beach Attire:

This dress is so light and easy to wear. ASOS embroidered mini drop waist dress is all about the details. It is perfect for outside wedding days. Followed by Faith embroidered cross body bag. They both compliment each other with colors and style.

Try these new styles or discover new ones with ASOS.

XoXo Nina

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