Guess – A luxury fashion brand Collabs with J.Lo

Guess defines itself as a “global lifestyle brand” and you can consider it as an American upscale retailer. They carry everything from denim, bikinis, shoes, bags and more.  My favorite part is that they are big in men’s wear as well. I have been a loyal customer since later 2008 and it's a place where my boyfriend and I can color coordinate our outfits if we have a special event to attend. Knowing me and my love for fashion, we always have to look in sync and Guess gives us that opportunity.


A lot of us don't know the history of the brands that we shop and love. I am part of that group, however, ever since I started writing fashion articles, it has given me the chance to understand the hard work the designer had to put in for their accomplishments today.

Guess was founded in 1981 and is based out of Los Angeles. The owners of guess are brothers Maurice and Paul Marciano. They specialized in women’s denim followed by men’s jeanswear. They were one of the first to come up with branded jeans for women and men.

The first store opened in 1981 and it was located in Beverly Hills. Soon after the successful opening of the brand, they started to expand to other regions. Today the company employees 15,000 workers and it’s still growing. Guess also created a “Baby Guess” line in 1984 and also added the home collection line. They have reached every aspect of the fashion industry and done very well in all of them.

Guess took men’s fashion to another level. If you haven’t noticed, boys don’t really have a lot of places to shop. For example, we have Forever21, H&M and Zara and so much more. The only brand that carries trendy and fashion-forward men's style is Express and I don't think that's fair. My boyfriend isn't the type to wear Billabong shirts to a dinner in a city - so Guess and their designs truly work for him.

When it comes to Guess men and their styles, the brand stated that they wanted to create something that was affordable, fashionable and youthful - all at the same time. For that reason alone I love and enjoy going and shopping for my boyfriend. If we want the celebrity styles, why can't the boys?! 🙂

When it comes to Guess’s women, they are sexy and sophisticated. When you are shopping for any of their products, an array of designs and styles start to pop- up! There is something for everyone. If you ever owned a Guess clothing, you know that the brand makes high-quality clothing which is a big YES for me. I am tired of spending money on clothes that last less than 3 months - its time to spend your well-earned money or something that you can use for years to come.

I am not lying when I tell you that I still have my prom shoes since 2010. Guess products last a long time so don't be scared to drop a hundred and spoil yourself for the day - I think you earned it 🙂

JLo got it all going on. It was announced in November that our Jenny from the block will be collaborating with Guess to promote her own brand in Spring of 2018. Ladies, it’s finally here!! The photos where she is wearing jumpsuits, jeans, dresses and shorts, every picture is a show-stopping shot with a major sex appeal. I mean can we expect anything less from our 48-year-old pop star?! I don’t think so.According to Guess co-founder, Paul Marciano has stated that “ Jennifer’s impact and influence continues to grow”, and I agree with him. I love JLo’s sexy curves and outfits she uses to outline her body. Girl! She knows her hips don’t lie.

End Note:

Guess has been a top runner in the fashion industry. They have mastered on grabbing the attention of their customers by offering stylish and trendy clothes that will make you feel sexy and bold. All thanks to hardworking and dedicated employees that are responsible for making Guess one of the top fashion brands in the industry. Discover - enjoy - shop!!

XoXo Nina

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