Grow Your Lashes Hella Fast With These Serums!

Growing your eyelashes shouldn't be that hard nowadays. I used to get fake eyelashes but putting them on was a little hard and time consuming, especially when you're rushing. I have also tried eyelash extensions to give me more length and volume, but those babies require a lot of upkeep which made me not want to get them anymore. So I was stuck with my natural eyelashes and a whole lot of mascara - until I discovered eyelash serums.

1. Are they safe?

I would say yes for the most part. However, if you purchase one and you experience redness or itchiness, stop using it right away and consult your physician. You may be allergic to something you had no idea about and the product brought it out. You only have one set of eyes for the rest of your life, might as well stay safe.

2. Do really they work?

Yes! The reason I got on the serum trend is because of my aunt. She has tried the GrandeLASH -MD serum and within weeks she saw results, BIG results. Serums extend the lash's life cycle which prevents them from shedding often.

3. How long does it take?

Anything that needs growing will take time. Even if you use the best eyelash serum from your Dr. and apply it everyday, it will still take time.  Being patient is the key in this situation. It depends on your body and how it's going to react to the serum. Some might see results within a month and others might not notice until two months have passed.

1. GrandeLASH - MD


Like I've mention before, my aunt was the one who got me into this product. I apply it one a day along your lash line, then allow it to dry. It's ophthalmologist approved, which means this product won't irritate your eyes.

2. RevitaLash Advanced


If you don't wash your face daily or your lashes are weakened, this product will help strengthening brittle lashes. RevitaLash is full with amino acids which helps revitalize them.

3. Rapid Lash


This soybean oil based eyelash serum, gives shine and helps strengthen weak hairs. A lot of good reviews about this product working better that twice as expensive serums.

4. Peter Thomas Roth Lashes to Die


So this particular product helps with enhancing the fullness and density of your lashes. Apply it on your lash line for the plumping effect.

5. Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10


Vichy is a perfect product if you have gentle or sensitive skin. The formula contains hyaluronic acid that conditions the lashes and hydrates the skin. you can apply it on your lids and under eyes.

6. Pronexa Lavish Lash


This is a botanical serum that boosts length and thickness of your lashes. If you have sensitive skin, I wouldn't suggest using this but it's an amazing product for a good price.

7. Caster Oil - Organic


This is an organic product, no preservatives added. If you are looking for a more natural way of growing your lashes, this is the BEST product out there. This oil is good for hair growth in general. Everyone should have a caster oil in a beauty cabinet.



Perfect for nourishing the tiny hairs that have a hard time growing. It contains soy protein and lavender water. The tiny brush is perfect for precisely applying the product at the base of the lashes.



Even though it's a lash primer this product works like a serum. You can easily apply it in the morning put on your mascara and you're ready to go; or you can use it as a deep conditioner before bed.

10. No7 Lash Impact Serum


This is a perfect product if you are looking to try out the serums for the first time. Within 8 weeks, this serum will give you denser lash look. Plus, the price is too good to pass.

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