#FlawlessFridays: How To Achieve The Fake Freckle Look With Your Outfits!

First thing you should know about freckles is that they look great with a natural look. Creating fake freckle look is one of the latest beauty trends that everyone is talking about. I personally have a lot of freckles on my face and I thought I'd help you out into creating a fake freckle look for your outfits.

I've always had freckles and especially if I go in the sun, I usually get covered in them. I have noticed a lot of celebrities choosing to embrace and not conceal their natural freckles. Celebrities like Emma Watson and Olivia Munn were my inspiration to also appreciate and love my freckles.

What are Freckles?

Whether you like them or not, freckles are a phenomenon that often spark curiosity. Have you ever wondered what causes them to show up on body? And the biggiest questions of them all, what are freckles?

Freckles are just pigmented cells, the cells that contain color and lay withing the skin. Freckles come in different shapes but they are usually tan or light brown little dots. They tend to overlap each other which makes them look darker and larger.

Freckles can come and go like seasons. Some people tend to have more vivid freckles during summer and faded look during winter. Or some, like myself, have freckles all year round. There is hope for those who hate their freckles and that's to wait till you're older for them to fade naturally.

The Fake Freckle look!

The number one rule is to make sure your freckles look natural.So here is the list of the products I feel will benefit you the most.

1) Brown Pencil!!!

If you don't have money or you don't want to spend any money on the products below, you can always use a brown eyeliner to create the circular freckle look on your face. Make sure you use your blender to dab on the areas you applied the pencil. You don't want your freckles to look like their are sitting on your skin and not part of your skin.


2) Mr. Kate BeautyMarks!!!

I love shopping on Amazon because I can trust the people who will tell you the truth if the product is worth it or not. Well this one is definitely worth it. The freckles come in gold and silver and in different shapes. If you are a younglin' living free, this is the best product for you. You can match your freckles to your mood:)

Mr. Kate- Amazon $14
Mr. Kate- Amazon $14

2) Dolls Kill - Brush Freckles!!

Dolls Kill is one of my favorite places to shop. This product is long wearing and is very easily removable. It has a little brush to dot the freckles on your face. Since the brush is so small, you can create as many or as little natural looking freckles.

Dolls Kill - $22
Dolls Kill - $22

End Note:

These products are my top 3 because they are cheap and cause no harm to skin. Having freckles are fun and unique so you should enjoy them. Would you attempt fake freckle look? Let me know below!

XoXo Nina

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