Monday Favorites: Furla Bags

Furla is an Italian brand that carries women's purses. Furla is one of the high end designers that uses old school leather craftsmanship that has made it's place in the fashion world. Their logo is a simple and basic font that might not send fashion groupies wild like they do with other designers, however Furla bags are popular with A-list celebrities and fashion bloggers that know about high fashion.

Furla Bags

Furla is owned by the Furlanetto family since 1927. They are located in Bologna in an 18th century villa. They not only feature handbags but also shoes and accessories. Since the 80's they have been expanding throughout Europe and today they export to 71 countries. The reason I have so much respect for Furla is because they are a fur free company as of 2019.

Since they are a luxury brand you know their prices are high high high. On the other hand, Ninko has discovered a safe and very popular brand that sell discounted Furla bags. Instead of spending thousands on a bag, you can get last season's styles for less money. Here are some of my favorite bags that I think are stylish, chic and loving the price tag.

Cross-body bag $338.50
Cross-body bag $381.58
Cross-body $338.50
Cross-body bag $276.95
Leather handbag $404.97
Rucksack backpack $322.49
Cross-body bag $338.50
Cross-body bag $338.50
Leather handbag $540.36
Leather handbag $368.04
Cross-body bag $406.20
Leather handbag $359.42

End Note

Furla's designs are so fun and colorful. It will brighten up your gloomy day if you are having one. Always remember to shop smarter and not harder. Happy shopping fashionistas!

XoXo Nina

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