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Have you been introduced to Free People yet?! If not, I would like for you to stay where you are and to scroll down until you'll see an icon that says 'shop'. Free Peoples fashion speaks for itself. Every time I get to wear one of their styles, I feel free spirited, courageous and feminine with a hint of bohemian + Cali vibe.

Free People can get a little pricey so for my big haul I usually wait for the big sale day; unless I like something so much that I have to purchase it then and there ( it happens a lot). With their price also comes quality - some of their styles can pass for designer brands thanks to their details and how they work the fabric. The first purchase I've ever made with Free People was over 10 years ago, and I still have the dress and still wear it on special occasions. You'll be their lifetime costumer. Shop the latest below!!

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