Yoga, gym or cross fit- do it with style:)

Working out is a must for me. I try to fit some sort of exercising in my daily routine. I know we get busy with life however, working out twice or three times a day will change how you feel and look so definitely do it. Fashion is always around us even when we are in the gym sweating. I always try to look chic and collected when I go to the gym or  the yoga classes.

Workout Clothing

Workout clothes can get expensive. I remember spending hundreds of dollars in Sport Authority stores but that stopped when Amazon saved my life. The workout clothes that Amazon carries are both great quality and comfortable to wear. You can even buy matching sets or do the matching yourself. They have millions of options for you to choose from:)

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Sports Bra

One of the things I really look at when buying workout clothes is the sports bra. I like to start out my workout with some cardio and i have had problems where the bra was so uncomfortable I had to leave the gym. Sports bras are there to help support and keep everything together. Finding the right bra is also important for your posture especially if you have bigger boobs. You also don’t want to have wires in the sports bra, they tend to poke and leave marks on the sensitive areas of the skin. Below are some comfortable yet stylish bras you can wear at the gym or just around the house.

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Yoga Lovers

Where my yoga lovers at! I love Yoga and the piece and happiness it brings in my life. I love going to yoga classes at the beach for two reasons: great tanning time and sweat all the toxins out. Especially on a sunny summer day I love to wear a sports and a colorful, fun designed pants or shorts. It brings extra happiness to my life. Here are some of trendy yoga pants that everyone loves.

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Hope you enjoyed the fit side of ninko:)

XoXo Nina

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