Netflix & Chill: Top Fashion Movies To Watch On a Lazy Sunday

Ever wonder how the fashion icons such as Dior, Chanel, Lanvin and others became who they are today? How did they build their fashion empire?! If you are looking for an answer Netflix is the place to find them. These top 12 fashion movies/documentaries reveal the dark secrets filled with romance, family betrayals and murders. Definetly grab some popcorn and enjoy your Sunday-Funday with my top favorite fashion documentaries.

12) The Devil Wears PRada

When we think about fashion movies, first thing that comes to mind is the Devil Wears Prada movie. This 1 hour and 46 minute hit the gross income of $326,551,000 million dollars worldwide. In 2006 it was nomiated for two Oscars and I mean the money they spent on those clothes. This movie is based on a true story. It started out as a book written by a former Vogue assistand Lauren Weisberger who worked with Anna Wintour.

11) Zoolander I & II

Honestly, Zoolander was the best comedy fashion movie. This is a great movie to see and understand how ridiculous the fashion industry can be sometimes. How one minute you can be the greatest and the next minute you are forgotten. Also, it's a perfect movie to watch with your loved one.

10) CoCo Avant Chanel

This movie is based on a true story about Chanel's early years. Did you know that her mother passed away from tuberculosis and her father left shortly after leaving her an orphan. She couldn't resist for passion for fashion so she later became a hat maker in 1910 and later working her way up to clothing and jewelry. Who knew Chanel started from hats.

9) Dior & I

I think this is my favorite documentary of all time. The reason for it is because in this documentary you actually see how piece of fabric is turned into something so elegant and beautiful, its just mesmerizing. The details and hours the employees spend perfecting the look. In this documentary you also get a feel of how hectic and nerve wracking the runway shows can be. It's a really good movie to really understand what goes behind the scenes.

8) Gia

I think I didn't stop thinking about this movie for months. I think I was truly shocked by how things ended up with her. Gia is based on a true story of a girl that started modeling and how things went downhill after she became popular. She was a wild child with an angel face that every Magazine and brands wanted to get their hands on. Angelina Jolie did an amazing job re-telling her story.

7) The First Monday in May:

Everyone knows that New York is the fashion capital. This documentary follows the creation of Metropolitan Museum of Arts most extravagant and exclusive exhibits. Met Gala is the high fashion and full of celebrities type of event.

Sadly, you and I can never attend because the guest list is made by Anna Wintour and you have to invited to Met Gala. However, you can buy a ticket to attend costing you $30,000. Tables go up to $500,000 dollars. Your designer gown that will cost you anywhere from $4,000 to $40,000 and that doesn't include the jewelry and the ride to the place. You can't Uber either!

In this movie you really see the elites and the richest of the rich. This movie takes you behind the scenes.

6) Yves Saint Laurent (2014)

This movie is a documentary about Saint Laurent's life. He was fascinated with fashion at an early age. Even though he carries a French name, this fashion icon was born and raised in Algeria in 1936. He won drawing competitions and slowly started to improve and make a name for himself. Sadly he passed away in 2008 from a brain cancer leaving behind the the greatest legacy in the fashion industry.

5) Jeremy Scott: The People's Fashion Designers

Jeremy Scott is one of the designers that I am really proud of for working towards becoming one of the most influential and fashion savvy designers of the 20th century. His approach to creative process is so unique. This documentary shows you the real side of Jeremy Scott and how he created the most luxurious brand Moschino. Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri - Jeremy has dominated the fashion industry.

4) Valentino: The Last Emperor

I think this documentary speaks for itself. He is also known as the maestro of Italian couture. This movie catches the life of the worlds well known designer brand Valentino and the man behind it. Did you know that Valentino suffers from OCD? or that when he was growing up, he was a brat that would only accept expensive gifts? He is also known to be the most private person. His life and business partner Giancarlo Giammetti is known to be the 7th person that Valentino has ever trusted.

3) Zac Posen

Another educational and very interesting fashion documentary about Zac Posen. He was a native New Yorker who started to love fashion at an early age. His whole family was involved with him creating a Zac Posen brand - which they did but all the fame at an early age caused him to fail in the fashion world. Great documentary to watch.

2) The Murder of Maurizio Gucci

When I watched this I felt bad for Maurizio Gucci. It's a great documentary about how the Gucci family constantly competed with each other. There was jealousy, fights and of course a murder initiated by a family member but who?! It's a must watch in my book.

2) The Murder of Maurizio Gucci

I put this as my number one because the love I have for Alexander McQueen's style and designs is evident. I'm not sure if it's his darkness in his designs or the boldness and dramatic looks that he invented but I can't put my finger on it. I love everything about him and this movie made me love and respect him even more.

He came from a working class family. He was the youngest of the six. His mother was a social science teacher and his father was taxi driver. Things weren't handed down to him and he didn't have the right connections but he had talent and that was enough.

His keen eye for fashion is undeniable. His fashion shows were different. It was not your typical sit down and watch the girls walk down the aisle type of show but a drama filled, crazy, shocking and bold way of showing off his pieces. It gave him the media attention and that's all you need for people to notice you.

I feel like he set the bar so high for the rest of the designers that I haven't found a designer that I love as much as him.

End Note:

We shop and we wear designer brands all the time. Now you can shop them knowing the backstory of how this brand came to be the top fashion leaders in the industry.

XoXo Nina

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