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Embroidered fashion is one of my favorite trends ever. I love the details and the designs. If you've been followed my blog, you know I adore unique styles and I consider embroidery an individual design. For example, you will never see the same embroidered patter on a different piece. Some pieces are full of birds and some are full of flowers but they all are beautiful pieces.

Another great reason you should love embroidered fashion is because it can be incorporated with any outfit. You can throw an embroidery jacket with your favorite pair of jeans and a cute little top. Everybody knows fashion is only true when you have fun with it. It's an easy trend that remind me a lot like living here in Florida. Very light and breezy - it flows whichever the wind goes ( <<I seriously just rhymed).

I have noticed that all my embroidered items have lasted me a good amount of time. Below is my favorite piece that I purchase from Carli Bybel. Some of you might know her as a fashion beauty blogger who has been doing this for years.  I really find her style interesting so I went ahead and purchased this beautiful embroidered dress. The best investment I've ever maid because the compliments don't stop coming and I really love the pattern on this dress. Hands down one of my favorite piece in my closet.

If you haven't tried buying embroidered items you definitely do it today.


My first love for this trend was established when I saw Dolce&Gabbanas SS17 fashion show. Every piece looked like heaven. Later I've noticed that other hig-end designers were using embroidery in their designs. For example, Louis Vuitton's SS18 fashion show, also included the trend in their show.

Since we are approaching spring and summer of 2019, embroidered pieces are perfect for the season. Here are some of my favorite pieces. Enjoy your purchase!

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