Eggie & Their Fresh Styles!

When it comes to discovering new brands Ninko is the place to find those unique brands with affordable prices. This is why I love what I do. This is my way of sharing my discoveries so that others can enjoy shopping as much as I have. Eggie is the newest brand that I have discovered and I think all my fashionistas will enjoy this brand as much as I have. Keep scrolling for good stuff! 🙂

Eggie was created by Jenn Im to reflect her closet and her style. Eggie means "baby" in Korean, and she has stated that "Eggie is her baby and her subscribers are her little family". I enjoy shopping with brands that care for their customers and obviously this is the case with Eggie.  It is a perfect place to redesign your wardrobe and find your own style. You can express yourself freely with Eggie and not worry about fashion and design rules that you have to follow. With Eggie you push your boundaries with punk styles and everyday looks such as crop tops, bodysuits, jumpsuits, dresses etc. If you are familiar with her youtube channel, you will realize that her designs are easy going and comfortable.

Here is Jenn Im modeling her own products 🙂


Here are some of Ninko's tops picks, however, there are vast amounts of products that need your attention, so stop what you doing and get shopping before they are all gone 🙂

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