Ear Crawlers and Studs – The New Age of Jewelry

Diamonds are still girls best friends but diamonds on a ear crawlers are the new girls in town. Ear crawlers can have a big impact on your outfit if you don't dress it right. We all know that the trends always start at the fashion shows when the designers create new looks to inspire and wow us.

With their high price tags, it is hard to afford trendy and beautiful pieces of jewelry, however, the other brands have picked up the trend and have created the similar pieces for less money.

Ear Crawlers

An Ear crawler is a piece that slides up your ear, since it's shaped to easily glide in your ear you will never need a clasp to hold them in place. Even tough the famous stars such as Emma Watson, Dakota Johnson, the Hadid sister and more have seen wearing the ear jewelry for many red carpet events, not a lot of people know about the ear crawlers. Once you style it up with your cute outfit, passerby's  tend to stare at your ears wondering what's sparkling under your hair!! Love when that happens 🙂

Stone ear crawlers are also fun to wear on the beach or pool parties. They give the bathing suits that extra hot and sexy look. If you actually have ears pierced more than once, you can buy an ear cuff earrings and they are as beautiful as other jewelry pieces.

Don't be scared to make a  statement with your earrings. If you ever get shy remember the saying "the bigger the better". In my statement necklace blog, I have mentioned that necklaces can bedazzle any simple outfits and  so can the ear crawlers. They are part of the statement jewelry pack that makes every women feel strong, bold and too sexy to deal with any drama!!


Stud earrings can also live up your outfit. However, when it comes to stud earrings, I like to wear them with my casual outfits (jeans, shorts, sweats). I personally own a 100 of stud earring sets. I think they are comfortable and simple and sometimes simple is a good thing.

Studs also go great with outfits that already have a focal point! For example, if you are wearing a statement necklace studs are perfect to decorate your ear. Here are some of my favorite ear pieces!!

End Note

Styling these beautiful pieces of jewelry with simple dress, jeans and t-shirt, or even shorts and tanks for those hot summer days would go perfectly with these trendy ear crawlers and stud earrings. Hollywood is obsessed with them since we see the trendy style on fashion shows and on the Red Carpet events. Happy shopping fashionistas!

XoXo Nina

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