Ear Crawler Earrings: Try out these stunning pieces.

Got mine at a fashion show!

Ear Crawler earrings (a.k.a ear cuffs) are taking over the fashion world by storm. I'm not going to lie, I kind of dig the vibe of ear crawlers because you get to decorate your ear without getting additional piercings. Ear crawlers are a great way to try out new looks and trendy styles with dazzling ear pieces to make a statement wherever you go.

In this picture..

I was attending Fort Lauderdale Fashion Show and I found this little gem. A lovely lady was selling them and I've had to have it. I'm an ear crawler earring addict and I don't deny it at all 🙂

Did you know that ear crawlers started back in

2000 BC and it was called a Kaffa. The pieces were discovered in burial sites during excavations. Kaffas were made out of brass without any stone embellishment so they looked very simple and plain.

Later on the Greeks picked up the trend by 350 BC. They used the ear crawlers as symbols of wealthy status in society. Asia and Erope were right behind them. The designs became luxurious and refined. Floral ornaments, patters and exquisite stones were used by the jewelers.

Fast forward to our era, ear crawlers have been rediscovered and i'm loving every bit of it 🙂 Below are my favorite pieces that I know you'd love.

How to style ear crawlers!

Ear cuffs are versatile and can be paired with studs or even hoop earrings. You can use as many as 2-3 ear studs or go full out with the festival decorative styles. Either way there is no right or wrong answer, it depends on what you like.

If you are a first time user, putting on ear crawlers can be a little challenging but with practice it'll become second nature. Ear cuffs come in so many different shapes and sizes, it is up to you to decide which style fits you the best.

XoXo Nina

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