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Well congrats for getting engaged now it’s time to pick out a perfect wedding ring and I can help you with that. You want to pick a ring that will make you smile every time you look at it. It’s a symbol of love that you will wear it for the rest of your life. Piercing Pagoda has great selection of wedding, engagement, promise or just a diamond rings.

Getting started

First you have to know what kind of setting and stone will make you the happiest. Since it’s a decision that both parties partake in, doing a little research beforehand is a good idea.

[For girls] When you are picking out your ring, keep your lifestyle in mind. It’s important that you wear a ring that supports your life and can become a part of your life. For example, if you are a business woman, a house wife, a surfer etc. it all depends on how you live your life, with that being said, picking out your ring should represent you as a woman.
[For boys and girls] Think long term meaning you want to pick something that you will enjoy years from now. Don’t be too stressed out, you are not marrying the ring and you can always change it or modify it.

Setting your budget

It's super important that you have a set budget before pursuing your purchase. It doesn't matter if it's $800 or $15,000 dollars as long as you know your limit you should be just fine. With the wedding cost, sometimes we are left feeling overwhelmed but no worries, by the time you are done reading this article you will have the ring of your gal's dreams.

Breaking Down the karats!

A lot of people don't know what Karat really means. Karat is the measurement of how pure the gold is. For example, 24k gold means that all 24 parts of the metal is pure gold.



Color is more pale - most durable. Less expensive because there is more alloy than gold.



Great Balance of price and quality. It has nice color to it and holds up to wear and tear.



Rich gold that never causes skin irritation. Scratches easily and more expensive.



Pure gold and very expensive!

Picking out the perfect Shape

  • Round Cut

    Choose the size and the shape of your ring! If you are unsure of what shape she likes, always go with the round shape diamond since it's the most popular choice. Round shaped diamonds tend to give out the best light and brilliance.

  • Princess Cut

    Princess cut is typically cut into a square shape. It looks best in classic and geometric settings. You should also know that princess diamond cut can be either brilliant or radiant cut. Always choose brilliant cut since it has maximum sparkle and is equal to the round cut.

  • Emerald Cut

    Emerald cut diamonds have become super popular in recent years. Since not a lot of couples choose the emerald cut, your wife will definitely stand out from the crowd. Emerald cut diamonds tend to look bigger because of the top surface being bigger than the round or princess cut. When buying the diamond look for VVS1 clarity grade.

  • Marquise Cut

    Marquise diamond was developed in France in the 1940's. This elegant diamond cut has curvy sides and pointy ends. Many brides love the shape of the diamond because the design gives the visual impression of long and slender fingers.

  • Oval Cut

    Oval diamonds cuts are best for brides that love vintage designs. Oval diamonds has 57 to 58 facets comparable to round cut. Look for 4Cs of diamond quality before you purchase the oval diamond.

  • Radiant Cut

    Radiant diamond trimmed corners are the signature look for the beautiful piece of jewelry. They look great in any setting design you can think of. If your wife likes to unique look - this is the diamond for her.

  • Pear Cut

    Pear diamond cut or as known as teardrop because of its shape. The length of the diamond will determine the slimming effect on the fingers. Remember: the right way to wear the ring is with the narrow end pointing towards the bride that is wearing it.

  • Heart Cut

    Heart diamond cut goes best with the simple ring setting. If you want the quality heart shaped diamond cut, it has to be larger than .5 carats. If you are looking for a smaller diamond - use bezel or 3 prong setting to really give the ring that "wow" effect.

  • Cushion Cut

    A cushion diamond cut shape is more of a soft square or even sometimes rectangle. This type of cut is purchased as an engagement ring and sometimes a fashion piece. The price of the cushion diamond cut is less than the round brilliant cut.

Shop The Bands

Today, boys have an array of different styles, cuts, and designs to choose from. A lot of men don’t wear rings or any jewelry, for that reason choose the best wedding band that also tells who he is as a man.

Take your time and don't rush it. There are few things you should know before purchasing the band such as the metal of your choice. Men's wedding rings are usually platinum, white/yellow gold, rose gold and palladium. Let's explore these metals a little more:

  • Platinum

    Platinum rings are super durable. It is the rarest of metals and usually, it's shine makes all the buyers go crazy. The average price is about $600 but if you have a large budget, platinum is always the best choice.

  • White/Yellow Gold

    White gold is considered a member of the platinum family which is why it has the brilliant shine similar to platinum bands. ( White gold jewelry sometimes needs to be replaced after a decade or more).

    Yellow gold is the most popular. Make sure you go with subtle, and warm yellow glow. Yellow gold bands are usually a classic option. 

  • Palladium

    Palladium is also part of the platinum family with the similar look however, it cost less than platinum or white/yellow gold. 

  • Rose Gold

    Rose gold bands are started to get popular, however, it's still a less common choice. If you hubby wants a unique or distinctive look - this would be a perfect choice. 

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