Dolce Vita: Good Shoes Take You To Good Places

Dolce Vita - that good life with quality shoes to take you places you dreamed about. This hot shoe designer brand was first founded in Manhattan's Lower East Side in 2001. The founders of Dolce Vita are Nick Lucio and Van Lamprou, who wanted to create a brand that provides products for women with cool and confident styles. They quickly made their name known with the trendiest and chicest designs of shoes. The phrase Dolce Vita means "sweet life" and it's perfect for shoes that will make your life wonderful, comfortable and keep your styles updated.

Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita has brought so much joy to my life. I wore their shoes throughout High School, College and in my late twenties. I can't get enough of them so if I can't stop thinking about them, I'm going to buy them. I have picked out some of my favorite shoes that I think are easy to style it with any outfits. You can walk in them for hours without getting blisters or your toes hurting. So check out the latest and hottest of the Dolce Vita shoe collection - happy shopping!


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