Dior Pop-Up Cafe - Miami Design District


Dior Pop-up cafe in Miami is the place to be and be seen if you like the mix of food and fashion. Located in the heart of Miami Design District, this posh cafe Dior is inside the Christian Dior boutique on the third floor. The outdoor terrace is surrounded by statues of countless Animals and customers taking pics of cappuccino coffee with Dior logo embossed on it! Yeah I was guilty as well. Buy hey! All in the name of fashion right?

Dior Coffee Bar

It's everything you could imagine a designer coffee shop would be. The smell of trend and crafted designs gave me goosies as I entered the air conditioned Dior store - It was a hot day in Miami. A concierge asked if I was going to the cafe and pointed at the elevator to my left. There he was, 6"3 250 pound suited security guard to keep everyone safe. Even Dior guards look like they came out of the GQ magazine. The store was designed with beautiful Dior fashion pieces. Of course no pictures were allowed inside the store, so you just have to take my word for it.

The place feels and looks super high class and I couldn't wait to drink one of those Dior cappuccinos I kept seeing on Instagram.

As the elevator doors opened on the third floor, the theme of iconic 18th century print was found throughout the space. In every corner there was an oversized roaming animal sculptures. The spot is decorated beautifully with lush greenery around the space, white tables with the 18th century print on pillows and intermixed with floral tiles and wood floors. Cafe Dior is a very chill but small environment. If I were to guess about 8-12 small groups can fit all at once but what a great fashion place to really enjoy Design District of Miami.


On The Menu:

This chic new fashion based coffee bar offers a brief list of menu items like coffee, tea, pastries and fruits. Make sure to order the picturesque cappuccino coffee. It will cost you $12 dollars but honestly, you are paying more for the experience than the actual coffee itself, which wasn't bad at all. The service can be a little slow but it wouldn't be Miami if it wasn't.

In between drinking and eating fruit, I took a lot of pictures for you guys to see exactly how fun and exquisite this place is.


Cafe Dior fits perfect in Miami Design District because the cafe itself is a work of art. But word on the street is that It won't be there too long so go ahead and make your trip down there. There is certain things you have to experience as a fashion lover and Cafe Dior is one of them.

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