Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

All women are like diamonds that shine brighter than the sun. If you ever want to treat yourself or your man to do it for you, Swarovski is the way to get quality jewelry and not pay a fortune. One of my favorite piece is the black and gold chained swan necklace. I just love how delicate and classy it looks on the neck and I think it’s simplicity is what I enjoy the most. It is so well made that the crystals start sparkling under any light.


When you’re shopping for a gift , Swarovski offers hundreds of premium products to choose from such as: figurines, ornaments, jewelry, watches, home accessories and much more. They create glass using special compound that other competitors can’t duplicate. The color pallets they use and the cut of the crystal is what distinguishes Swarovski from other competitor brands.

How do you know if the stones you purchase is worth the money? First make sure the item comes in an original packaging and has a seal on it. The packaging seal is a authenticated silver hologram with a print of “Swarovski Crystal” just in case you want to double check. Second step is cut of the crystal. Since they use the machines to make the cuts all crystals should look the same. When looking inside there should be no bubbles present.

These cool, trendy yet exclusive jewelry pieces are less than $200 dollars. Any of them will make a perfect gift for yourself or to a special someone. You can mix and match any of the items to create a set look. Enjoy!!


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Creating the brand

Formely known as David Swartz, was born and raised in Bohemia to a glass cutting family. Learning the skill from his father he became very skilled in the industry. In 1892, he invented an electric cutting machine that produced crystal glass that helped create more precise crystals rather than doing it by hand.

In 1956 Swarovski and Christian Dior developed an “Aurora Borealis” effect that gave crystals rainbow colors. Years later Swarovski launched their first jewelry collection including the watches.  Till this day, we see top designers such as D&G, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and others, use Swarovski as part of the fashion clothing.  It has inspired and prompted  fabulous creations of trendy pieces that customers are in love with.

Fun fact about Swarovski is that they have created a 9″ and 550 pound star for the Rockerfeller Center Christams tree every year since 2004. I never knew but now i know:)

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Shine bright like a diamondRihanna

Rihanna knows exactly what she is talking about. We as women are like diamonds and we do shine bright. Don’t ever forget that. Now start bedazzling yourself with these cool jewelry and crystal pieces.

XoXo Nina

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