Tassel ‘Fringe’ Earrings Are So Darn Cute It Hurts!

Tassel ‘Fringe’ Earrings Love using my fringe earrings to add some pop and fun to my everyday outfits. The tassel earrings have a lot going on and that’s why they’re usually considered a statement accessory.These dainty, dangling earrings have been around for years and doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere anytime soon. Don’t be shy …

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Beret hats!

Beret Hats In Season! Super French and super chic; Beret hats bring sophistication and maturity with the feminine punch to your look. My beret is a Pebeo traditional hat made in France (100% wool). Just a little reminder from ‘City of Love’! Berets don’t have brims or structure, like Fedora hats do, instead they are …

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