Créme De La Mer!

La Mer Moisturizer
La Mer Moisturizer

Taking care of your skin should be an important part of your daily life. Just like brushing your teeth. I mean you do it because it's necessary and so is cleaning your face. My problem with my skin is that I have huge pores that take everything in and never get's thoroughly clean - which is completely my fault. I have decided to search for a product that helps minimize pores and also rejuvenates your face. Creme De La Mer does just that.

It is considered a beauty product phenomena and it works wonders for me and hopefully you too.

What is Créme De La Mer?

La Mer is a French company and Creme De La Mer  means “cream of the sea”. It was created by Dr. Max Huber, a scientist, that was looking for something to cure his skin after his laboratory exploded and burnt his face. After decades of trying to come up with a formula, and Créme De La Mer was created.

La Mer's most important ingredient is the Miracle Broth. It's hand-harvested sea kelp and other nutrients. It is then processed thoroughly through fermentation to unlock the good minerals from the sea. La Mer's website states that " the Miracle Broth empowers the five facets of healing - moisture, regeneration, soothing, smoothing and radiance".

La Mer is known to work miracles so here are their products!

Creme de la Mer:

Super rich cream that deeply soothes, heals and moisturizes dryness. Miracle Broth included and so is the Lime Tea.

The Moisturizing Soft Cream:

The ultra soft cream is perfect for deep hydration and comfort. Miracle Broth, Lime Tea, Moisturizing Spheres.

The Eye Concentrate:

This is a deep emollient treatment that hydrates and softens the lines for a healthy and younger appearance. Also helps diminish dark circles. Miracle Broth, Radiant Ferments.

The Concentrate:

This product is infused with Miracle Broth. It provokes skin's natural healing process by soothing irritated areas and also helps reduce redness. Miracle Broth, Lime Tea.

The Regenerating Serum:

Helps skin rejuvenate and sets it on the path for a healthy-looking skin. It is full of youth-boosting energies. Miracle Broth, Marine Peptide Ferment, Regenerating Ferment.

The Cleansing Foam:

It's a gentle cleansing foam that calms delicate skin. It also draws out any dirt and impurities from your skin. Miracle Broth, Deconstructed waters, Tourmaline.

End Note:

I really wanted to explain in detail what each product is good for. Their Mircale Broth is truly a miracle. Give you skin a VIP treatment with La Mer's products. Happy shopping fashionistas!

XoXo Nina

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