Hail To The Corset Trend of 2018!!

When it comes to accessorizing your outfits we usually do it by adding bags, jewelry or statement socks to our look. Every so often a new accessory enters the industry and becomes the must-have of the fashion world. This time it's the corset belts that give you that sexy curvy look and make your look unique.

The piece of garment from the 1800's has inspired high end fashion designers to put a modern twist and make it relatable in today's world. During the Prada fashion show of AW16 collection included corsets in almost every outfit they showed and now they have become the biggest look of the street style.

Kim Kardashian is the one of the first celebrity to pick up the trend and turned it into something you can wear everyday. She gives me so much inspiration by what she was wears and how she works every trending style. You can see that in many of her looks she pairs the them with oversized t-shirt or a very slim and tight dress. That's something to keep in mind when shopping for the belts.

People are so obsessed with this look that I see girls and women dress it up, style it down, and wear it over every types of clothing. Below are some of my favorite corset belts that I think are easy to style and are just too fabulous.

Celebrity Styles

Let's Flip!

BCBG Faux Leather $88

Let's Flip!

Asos Satin Lace Up $14

Let's Flip!

Rosegal Vintage Pu Leather $11.09

Let's Flip!

Asos Seint Corset $7

Let's Flip!

Nasty Gal Harness Belt $18

Let's Flip!

BCBG Fringe $98

Ninko's Favorites!

Bodysuits Waist Corset $11.95
Body Shaper $7.95
Plus Size Zipper Front Corset $32.95
Sexy Chain Belt Gothic Corset $34.95
Faux Leather Obi Belt $6.99
Iridescence Zipper Up Belt $7.99
Black Buckle Faux Leather Corset Belt $13.59
Hollow Design Belt $8.99
Iridescent Exaggerated Belt $9.99
Beaded Design Elastic Belt $12.00
Scarf Bow Front PU Belt $10
Buckle Detail Harness $11
Brown Flower Embellished Elastic Belt $7.00
Lace Up Elastic Belt $9.00

Modern Corsets

Corsets had a brief comeback in 2000's when Madona, Brittany and Christina Aguilera performing their song on the VMA's. Who could forget that day, you could compare it to Kim Kardashians "break the internet" campaign. Well in 2005 the 3 pop idols broke the TV stations across the nation.

Going from an lingerie piece of clothing to today's most photographed style and a popular accessory to use in the fashion shows. I love the softened hourglass look on a woman when wearing a corset. It's a perfect way to create some curves, especially if you want the Kardashian curves.

Quick Tip: Layer the corset with oversized jackets or coats. They go best with high waist jeans and messy hair.

End Note:

These fun corset belts are harder and harder to ignore since Hollywood streets are flooded with this trendy accessory. We all know Corsets were part of the lingerie for the longest time and today corset belts are worn over shirts, sweaters and jackets - which I am totally up for it. Corsets also help women achieve that Kim K. curvy look and give you the confident and sexiness that you need. Happy Shopping!!

XoXo Nina

P.S Got new ideas, don't forget to share your story below:)

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2 years ago

Once I thought that corsets were something from the past but my boyfriend and now husband convinced me to try. And geeez! I own maybe 6 of them now. I love what they do for my figure and posture and they are way more comfortable than I thought.

Curves for the World 🙂

2 years ago

Love romantic corset style. Renaissance perfection!!

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