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In Florida, there are two things that every true Floridian does and that is fishing or beaching. Boats here are as much of a necessity as cars. Since most of the houses lie on the water, it's only normal to purchase a small boat as well.

On those long fishing days, you need the perfect attire to make sure you don't get sunburned and be uncomfortable. My dad loves the outdoors more than anything and he likes to wear clothes that keep him cool and still fashionable - at least, I try to tell him that :). His favorite brand is the Columbia sportswear.

Columbia is known as the leader in the outdoor apparel industry. They are the biggest manufacturer distributing its merchandise to thousands of other retailers. Columbia takes time to perfect each and every one of their products so that you can enjoy the outdoors the right way. Let's explore a little more.

Columbia Sportswear

Columbia Sportswear company was founded by Paul Lamfrom, the father of present CEO Gert Boyle, in 1938. Paul and Marie Lamfrom fled Nazi Germany in 1937 and settled in Portland, Oregon. They Purchased a hat distributor and renamed it Columbia Hat Company, for the nearby Columbia River. From then on the company grew and became the leading brand in the outdoor apparel industry.

Since Columbia Sportswear headquarters are in an area where they have Volcanic Mountains, majestic forests, and rocky coasts - they understand outdoors more than anyone and this is why my dad and I trust their products.

Their products are different from the competitors. For example, Columbia was the first to feature waterproof jackets that were also breathable. They have an understanding of what's important and needed in creating outdoor clothing. The best quality fabric is used because they last forever.

Let's explore their awesome products and amazing styles!

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Women's Apparel

Well, every man needs a strong woman behind them and those women need cute outfits as well. Columbia Sportswear offers stylish and chic clothing for women too. Keep everyone safe and comfy while exploring the outdoors. These styles are fashion-forward and affordable. Le'ts check them out!

End Note:

Columbia Sportswear is the way to go if you want long lasting apparel that will keep you protected and comfortable. Take it from my dad, he has been a loyal customer for years now so don't wait and become one too 🙂 Happy Shopping!

XoXo Nina

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