Clawfoot Bathtubs: The center focus of all bathrooms!


I am so in love with the clawfoot bathtubs that I had to go purchase my own. It's a classy and elegant piece that is the center focus of a all the bathrooms. There are so many bathtubs to choose from but I settled with clawfoot because I like the antique vibe it gives. Most importantly they are easy to maintain and super comfortable to sit in.

There are two types of clawfoot tubs: cast iron and acrylic. The difference between these two is that Cast Iron is super heave, lasts longer and retains heat better. Ideal for downstairs bathrooms. Acrylic tubs are easy to move around and Install, keeps the water temp same as the rooms and less expensive. This bathtub is perfect for upstairs bathrooms.

There are different designs that you can choose from as well. Depending on the shape of your bathroom and the flow of your house, you should choose the perfect tub that will fit your lifestyle.

Slipper Clawfoot Tub

I call this one the perfect tub. Slipper tubs have one end raised up which provides a comfortable seating position.

Double Ended Clawfoot Tub

This one i consider an original tub but a very comfortable one. Perfect for central spots in the bathroom to really make it a focal point.

Double Slipper Clawfoot Tub

It has a central drane placement. Perfect for couples because both side have high ended head rests.

Pedestal Bathtubs

These tubs sit on a large base. I consider it a very modern styled bathtubs that are very luxurious.

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