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Fun Facts:

Charlotte Russe was founded in 1975 by Daniel Lawrence and his two brothers who worked in the families clothing business in New York. In 1975 they moved to California where Daniel and his siblings opened Charlotte Russe's first store in Carlsbad. Do you know how they got the name Charlotte Russe? From their favorite childhood desert. Over the six years other location were established in the late 70's and 80's bringing in sales o f$12 million in 1984.

The brother approach to promote their business and products they carried was an easy and smart approach. Charlotte Russe targeted younger generation so they concentrated on visual display, location, and their shipping/packaging. After Charlotte Russe proved to be a success, they moved outside of California and into Phoenix, AZ - dominated every shopping mall in the city, Charlotte Russe was rising in the fashion world very quickly.

In the 200's the company went online. It doubled it's size since the 90's and was opearating 96 stores in 15 states. Today, they are all over the world - dominated trending styles with affordable prices. I think it's time to check out these fabulous and fun styles. Happy Shopping!


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