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Buying gold jewelry is like investing your money into something that will last you for years and even generations. However, before you start spending money there are few things you should know about purchasing gold items.

Gold jewelry has it's own cycles. Like waves, it comes and goes away within blink of an eye. This year we are on a huge wave of fresh idea and designs that people are dying to buy. Celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian has flooded her social media with gold Jesus necklace and rings that are super chic and trendy.

Key Facts about Gold

This gold has been valued as a precious metals for centuries and till this day popularity of gold jewelry is still immense. People trust in the quality of this metal and use it for wedding days or even as a fashion jewelry. Below are few key facts about purchasing quality gold pieces.

  1. Gold is measure in 24th so 24 carat means that it's 100% pure gold.
  2. 18 carat means that it is a 18 parts out of 24 gold and 6 parts alloy (78% pure Gold).
  3. 14 carats means that it's a 14 parts out of 24 and 15 parts alloy (58.5% pure gold).

The higher the carat - higher the value. Gold used with other metals tends to increase the toughness of the metal and cause change of color this is why we have white gold and rose gold items. In Europe most popular carat of gold used is 18 and 14 and same as United States and Canada.

** 18 carat gold is perfect for allergy sufferers. It doesn't cause allergic skin reactions.

Carat is measured in purity and weight of gold used in jewelry is measured in grams. Almost all countries required for all the jewelry items to be clearly stamped through hallmarking. What is hallmark?! It guarantees the purity of the metal.  It originated in London in the 14th century and these stamps ensure customers that the item has been accurately tested. However, in United States you are not required to stamp the metal.

In UK and Ireland, jewelry stores can't sell jewelry as 18 or 14 carats without the hallmarked stamp, so if someone advertises the gold jewelry always look for he hallmark stamp (750, 585 etc).

One thing I have noticed that fashion magazines will do is list something as 'gold' instead of saying gold colored or gold plated, leaving you thinking that you just purchased an 18k pure gold jewelry for an amazing price. Not to mention it will leave your skin green when the plating wears off.  So what do they use? It's called gold vermeil.


Gold Vermeil - is a great way to produce awesome and trendy jewelry at a reasonable price but if you want to invest your money into something that you will wear for year and years to come than save up some money and buy the real deal.Vermeil is produced by coating of sterling silver with carat gold. For a piece to be considered vermeil, the gold should be at least 10 carats. The process they use to make vermeil helps attach gold to sterling and now you know:)

Gold Plate - When you get a gold plated jewelry that means that a very thin layer of the metal is used and usually it's 18k gold. The metal used underneath is a base metal (brass or pot) allows bonding process to work. One thing that really sucks about the gold plated jewelry is that it will most likely wear off.

Gold Filled - Gold filled is the layer of gold heated to bond with the base metal. The bond it produces is the permanent one and it is thicker than the gold plated jewelry.

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Rose Gold-Plated Fresh Bangle $149

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Reeds Jewelry

Yellow Gold Hoop Earrings $59

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Reeds Jewelry

Emerald and Diamond Yellow Gold Pendant 1/6ctw $499

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Helzberg Diamonds

Love Knot Earrings in 14K Yellow Gold $159.99

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Helzberg Diamonds

1/2 ct. tw. Champagne, Black & White Diamond Ring in 10K Yellow Gold $399

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Helzberg Diamonds

Roberto Martinez White Topaz Cross Tiara Ring in 14K Yellow Gold $599.99

Swarovski is a great place to find quality jewelry however they carry gold plated jewelry.

Tiffany & Co carries all the pure gold pieces however they are on the pricey side.

Helzberg is an amazing place to find all sorts of jewelry.

Reeds Jewelry is on an expensive side but they carry popular brands such as Movado and Michael Kors.

End Note:

Gold is a beautiful metal not to mention valuable. It is truly a great investment if you buy the real deal because you will really enjoy wearing it and it will last you for generations. You can look at it as a luxury item that holds its value. I hope this information was helpful for when it's time to make your purchase. Happy Shopping!

XoXo Nina

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