Tips On Building Your Own Brand


If you are thinking about starting your business or expanding your brand, this article will provide tips and tricks to get your business out to the consumers. It's no doubt that it's exciting to start something of your own but something it can be stressful and frustrating. One thing I've learned from this business is that you have to be patient. It takes time for people to notice so don't get discouraged when things aren't going the way they are suppose to.

Starting New

Before you go around town calling yourself an entrepreneur, remember to address the biggest aspect of your business - branding. How you brand your business tells consumers a lot about you and other companies that will want to work with you so with this being said you have to go into the branding with strategies and a solid plan. I don't think I have to say this but branding should be your first priority before launching your business. Make people aware of your business before opening the doors to the crowd.


Steps To Achieve A Successful Brand

If you are thinking about a business but haven't gone through with the idea, I would suggest you start by:

  1. Choosing a company name: Choose the company name or the logo that is clear for customers to read - sometimes we want to add twists and choose a funky fonts but it will make it harder for customers to visit if they can't even read the name of the company. Also make sure you are accurate with what you are representing and make sure the company name you are using isn't trademarked. Once you have your name and logo you can trademark it yourself!
  2. Social Media: So you have your company name ready, It's time to hit all the social media websites. Create as many accounts as you can because you never know where you are going to get your traffic. Make sure all the pictures are matching on all the social media websites. You don't want to confuse your consumers. Keep this in mind: always make your business easy for customers to browse. You can use Shopify to get your business started or to sell products on social media. They are the best in this field.
  3. Mission Statement: What's your mission?! What are you trying to do? How are you trying to help? Ask yourself these questions. Missions statements need to be clear and can be 1-3 sentences long. Mission statements are a great way to remember why you started the business and what was the goal to begin with?! Give the company that unique "it factor". Your business is the place that customers should spend most of their time on and this is why.
  4. Network: If you are not good at graphic design, find someone who is and understand your brands vibe. Also start building communication channels with other brands that are in the same field as yours. Also attending other networking events can help your business grow.

End Note:

To make your business successful you have to make it unique and different. Always ask yourself this question: why is your business better than John Smith's?! Provide services that doesn't exists and make your world easy to navigate in. People love simple and easy.

**Have ideas or tips to add to this list?! Please feel free to comment below. I would love to hear more about branding new businesses and and ways to get it out to consumers 🙂

XoXo Nina

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This is a good list and summary.

One thing I have realized after starting and running numerous businesses: You need to compete without jeopardizing your profit. Any fool can lower their prices and thus compete – but not for long!

If you instead make sure that you are extremely punctual, always call back on time, never forget to promptly answer the phone and emails and always deliver on time: You have already outrun 90% of the competition.

Ask yourself: When was the last time a contractor showed up on time, did a tremendous job and finished on time? If you can remember him or her I’ll bet that you would hire that person next time. Am I right?