Easy Boho Decor Style – A Guide On Mastering The Trend!

There are many ways of describing boho style but I like to say it's the style of the free. Google description of bohemian style is an eclectic mix of colors, patters and textures. Compared to minimalist decor ideas, boho decor takes the "more is better" approach by mixing different colors and textures in one room. Some that appreciate minimalist interior design or clean Scandinavian room styles might get overwhelmed with so many colors and patters. However, if you correctly mix and max it could be one of the best masterpieces you have ever worked on:)

All the items you will see below are from Amazon. You can also find them on my Amazon page. If you are ready to get started for your turn to experience laid-back bohemian styles, then this guide will help you with tips and tricks.

Amazon Boho Decor

Bohemian 'Boho' Decor

Now that we covered what bohemian style means, the goal with bohemian decor and even picking out the furniture, is to create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. To tell you the truth vintage and used furniture would be the ideal decor style but I've got plenty of similar items that will resemble vintage style - Oh, I won't tell where you got them from:)

There are a couple of ways you can approach the boho style. As I've mentioned earlier you can mix and match as many colors and patters as you'd like - no holding back. Second way is more of a subtle approach to boho decor by only adding few colors or patterns to your room. You can think of it as dipping your toes in the boho water rather than diving in.

Boho Decor Lingo

If you search boho decor on Google you would get a general decor items that show up on everyone's feed but if you type specific materials or styles, you'll get a better search results. Here are some boho decor lingo's you should know about. I use Amazon prime to find and shop all my home decor items. Amazon is fast, affordable and efficient with all my deliveries.

1. Rattan Furniture:

Raffia, rattan and whicker are classic boho style materials. They are vines that are woven together to create outdoor/indoor furniture. You can either go natural or synthetic.

2. Carved Wood

Bohemian furniture is about natural materials. Carved wood cabinets would give your room the rustic look it needs just like these beauties below.

3. Hanging Chairs

I've always loved the hanging chair look. Half of hotels in Miami have some sort of hanging chair design that gives that wow factor when you enter the lobby. I'm sad that I'm not able to add the swinging chair to my little nest but if you have that opportunity, do so.

4. Bohemian Rugs

I think picking out a perfect boho rug will set the tone. If you want more simple rug design, I would suggest a Jute rug, which is a natural, soft and durable type of rug (you can see it below). There is also Beni Ourain rugs which is a classic ivory rugs with black lines. However, if you prefer a colorful style, Moroccan Boucherouite rug is the way to go.

5. Moroccan Pouf

I think the Moroccan pouf's are the most popular items that everyone associates boho design with and they are right. It's a very popular, fun and chic decor item that will fill up your space and give you extra sitting space.

6. Lanterns

I don't have a boho styles apartment right now but I do have Moroccan styled lanterns. My point is, if you decide to re-design your home you can re-use these lanterns for your next look.

7. Beaded Changelier

This is and will always be my favorite decor item. It's perfect in every way. That's it.

8. Indoor Plants and Succulents

Boho design or not, you always need an indoor plants. You have no idea how much power these guys have when it comes to transforming a room from cold to warmer vibes.

9. Macramè and Woven Basket Wall Decors

Let's start with Macramè, sounds like a delicious desert but it's a knotting technique for creating textiles. Woven basket wall decors are other great way to fill up empty spaces and give your walls a different look. Depends on which one you choose, they are all beautiful art pieces in my eyes.

10. Bohemian Lamps

The best way to create a subtle ambiance at night is by choosing soft light lamps. Below are some of my favorites.

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