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"Style is measured by attitude and not age" -Boston Proper

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Fun Facts:

Boston Proper is a leading Florida based fashion house that started as a catalog based company in 1992. They carries contemporary clothing and accessories for women of all ages. You might ask why I am talking about Boston Proper when you are shopping for Beyond Proper?! The answer is easy, a letter written by the CEO Sheryl Clark stated that they have changed their name to Beyond Proper "We're not from Boston. Never have been, and we knew it was time for a name that fully embodies our beloved brand".  She also wanted her loyal customers, us, to know that "We are not re-branding, We are not turning our backs on years of loyalty, memories and stories that made us who we are".

They truly are clothes that inspire you and make you look confident and sexy and the best part is that women of all ages can wear them. That's how trendy and fashionable they are! Their vision is to empower women and when you look good you feel confident and strong to start movements and move mountains. Enough talking and let's get shopping.


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