Meal Kit Delivery Services: Compare and Review – 2018

Over the few years, in the food production, there has been a lot of changes. For example, the meal kit industry is booming and there is a good reason for it. Why do people go out to eat?! I think a good answer to that is because they don't want the hassle of cooking and cleaning. which I totally understand but dining-out can get very expensive and since the economy hasn't been the greatest people are saving money by staying home and cooking

This is where the meal kit industry comes in. Constantly thinking about what to make for dinner takes the fun out of cooking or eating out of the box meals can get very old. The meal kits offer fresh products and recipes that will last you three-four nights. Also, meal preps are great for those who want to up their cooking game a little and challenge yourself.

I really like meal prep kits because I learn new recipes that you can't really find them on the food network or on You don't have to worry about running to the store because you forget an ingredient, everything is already in there even a small packs of salt and pepper if needed.

I have personally tried Blue Apron meal kit delivery system. However, I wanted to compare the different meal kit brands so that you can choose the one that will suit your household the best. Here we go!!

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The leader by popularity in the meal kit industry goes to Blue Apron. They offer diverse and innovative recipes so there is always something useful to learn from them whether it's the technique or mixing up random spices.

Keep in mind that Blue Apron ingredients come as they are - you are the one that has to prep everything before you start cooking. I think the reason they do that is that they want you to get the real feel of being the household chef.

Below are some of the questions that customers have asked. Check them out and see if Blue Apron is the one for you!

Common Questions!

How Much Does Blue Apron Cost?

It all depends on what plan and number of recipes per week you choose. Look Below for their prices!

Two Person Plan


Family Plan

How Does The Delivery Work?

Depending on the plan you choose, it's delivered to you once a week. You can choose from 8 recipe options and let the Blue Apron team do the work. You can skip any delivery you wish to skim until the order is processed. You can deal with your deliveries through your account.

They deliver all over the United States. Click here to see the delivery options.

Do they Accomodate Diets and Allergies?

Yes and yes. They accommodate vegetarians, pescetarians - you can personalize your meals every week to avoid any issues. 

Where Does The Ingredients Come From?

Since everything they deliver is fresh, they directly work with artisanal purveyors and lots of family-run farms. 

Hello Fresh is a meal kit company based in Berlin, Germany but it is the second largest meal kit provider. They have recently announced that they are selling their meal kits to grocery stores around the country. Now it's even easier to shop for the meals and delicious recipes.

I have also tried Hello Fresh and I really love their recipes. Their packaging is better since each meal gets its own separate box. With Blue Apron, You have to sort through which ingredient goes with which recipe. Kind of annoying but no biggie.

Don't forget to keep the recipe cards so that you can enjoy the delicious dishes later on.

Common Questions!

How Much Does Hello Fresh Cost?

It all depends on what plan and number of recipes per week you choose. Look Below for their prices!

Classic Plan

Family Plan

How Does The Delivery Work?

Delivery is the same as the Blue Apron's system. It depends on which plan you choose. Also In your account, under settings, you can check the delivery window so that you don't miss the package. Hello Fresh delivers all over the US.

Do they Accomodate Diets and Allergies?

Hello Fresh variety of recipes that offer different selections such as vegetarians and meat lovers. Again you are the one who is picking the recipes so make sure you know exactly what each meal contains. 

They also offer Gluten Free, dairy-free or nut-free recipes. Hello Fresh offers a lot of organic ingredients but not all of them are organic.

Where Does The Ingredients Come From?

They work with local farms and vendors to make sure every food delivered is safe for consumption. Their meats are both antibiotic and hormone free.

Established in 2015, Terra's kitchen is becoming very popular in the meal kit industry. They offer healthy and delicious Mediterranean inspired cuisine. Every ingredient is fresh and the best quality.

One thing I really love about Terra's Kitchen is the vessel they use to deliver the food which is pretty much a high-end portable cooler. However, once you used all the ingredients you have to return the vessel. I understand why but that's a lot of hassle.

Common Questions!

How Much Does Terra's Kitchen Cost?

It all depends on what plan and number of recipes per week you choose. Look Below for their prices!

How Does The Delivery Work?

After you pick your plan, the next step is to choose your delivery date. Just in case you have plans, you don't want to miss the delivery time. However, if you are not home they will leave the vessel at your door. It's is protected against heat so your products will stay as fresh as possible. 

How Do I return the Vessel?

Click HERE for more info on returning the Vessel!

Do they Accomodate Diets and Allergies?

Terry's Kitchen offers gluten-free and nutrient-rich ingredients. They also offer products that have whey protein, which is the form of dairy. 

End Note

I really like all three of the meal kit delivery systems. They each offer something different. I feel like Blue Apron is more for the people who like to perfect their cooking techniques and skills.

All of them are affordable for you to try at least a one-week delivery. Great for those who work out and need a healthy diet. Happy shopping fashionistas!

XoXo Nina

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