Pucker Up – The Best Lip stains and balms of 2020!

Confession time: I detest lipsticks or lip glosses and if you are the one that can pull it off, props to you girlfriend! I know how fun it can be to play with different colors to match your look but they are kind of high maintenance. If I wear lip gloss, I find my hair constantly sticking to my lips (especially if there a small breeze), or when my matte lipstick formulas dry up my lips making it look shriveled and dehydrated. Lucky enough I discovered lip tints and balms that helped my lips.

Lip tints and balms have been popular in South Korea for quiet some time. If you look at all the K-Pop female artists, their lips always look natural, hydrated and plump. It's an easy way to keep chapped lips away and also help you look more pulled together if you are in a rush. Below are my favorite tinted lip balms that will make your forget what chopped lips felt and looked like.

1. Buxom Lip Balm



Very good product to keep your lips plump. It also offers long lasting hydration.

2. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment



Luxurious, thick and moisturizing texture. They come in different tints so you can choose your color. This is a lip treatment with SPF 15.

3. Burt's Bees - 100% Natural



Burt's Bees have been my favorite product ever since HS. The formula is 100% natural and is available in 6 different shades. One of the best!!

4. Revlon Kiss Lip Balm



This lip balm smells so delicious but low key delicious. There are 5 different scents and my favorite is sweet cherry!

5. Tarte Matte Lip Tint



This lip tint will give you the perfect matte finish. Nourished with mango seeds will keep you moisturized throughout the day. Comes in six neutral nude shades.

6. Jane Iredale Lip Stain



Best product to enhance your natural coloring. It adjusts to your skintone giving you the irresistible shade.

7. ETUDE House



One of the famous Korean cosmetic brand. It will stain your lips and give you a long lasting coverage.

8. Kopari Lip Glossy



Only natural ingredients when it comes to Kopari beauty. Coconut oil is the hero with this product. Perfect product for dry, dehydrated lips.

9. RMS Beauty



LIP2CHEEK formula that hydrates and replenishes the lips. Natural organic ingredients are used.

10. Lancôme Matte Shaker



Long lasting color that doesn't wear off. Its a matte product but not flat, caky or drying. It doesn't matter if you do one coat or three coats you choose the depth of the color.

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