Since I've worked at a medical spa, I have picked up amazing tips and tricks to keep your skin and body looking healthy. Here you can find the best solutions to your problems and as women, we have to stick together and kick some butt!

LuMee Duo Cell Phone Case

If you like taking selfies as much as I do, ...
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Créme De La Mer!

Taking care of your skin should be an important part ...
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Laser Hair Removal: If you’re in doubt, Read This!

I started working at a medical- spa not too long ...
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Dermaplaning: Everything You Need To Know!

When it comes to your skin breathing, dermaplaning is the ...
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15 Fascinating Facts about Makeup & Cosmetics!

Had a hard day today?! Well take a minute and ...
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5 Cosmetic Symbols You Should know about!

Have you ever looked at the back of any of ...
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The Ultimate DIY Face-Mask: No More Pimples or Acne!

Ultimate DIY facemask Growing up I never had an issue ...
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” Once I Went Coconut, I Never Went Back”

Have you guys heard of Kopari beauty skincare brand?! Well ...
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Beauty 101: Strengthen Your Nails For Good

Do you suffer from brittle, breaking or splitting nails? Well ...
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