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Fun Facts:

bareMinerals has a tendencies to understand exactly what women want. They create products like no other brands and this is why women are obsessed with bareMinerals products. It is the first mineral cosmetics founded by Leslie Blodgett in 1994. They are base off of San Francisco, surrounded by artists and innovators that helps them improve on products and inspire new ones. bareMinerals started out as Bare Escentuals Cosmetics - only carried their mineral powder line. Later they branched out to produce other makeup lines that we love so much.

bareMinerals doesn't test on animals and their products are not sold in China - making it cruel free makeup brand. This is a big one for me, I refuse to wear brands that test on animals just so we can be assured that the products won't damage our skin.  So enough talking and let's get shopping so that we can butify ourself with natural minerals that are great for your skin.

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