Bar carts and old Hollywood vibe

Home bar and girls night; Cheers to happy nights! I love warm weather, I love summer and I love Florida. I think this is the reason I have stayed in Fort Lauderdale for 14 years. However, what I love the most is the warm summer nights with girlfriends and the home tequila bar. It a great way to bond with your bff’s and save money at the same time!

Even when you host parties at home, you can sit and mingle while guests can mix their own drinks. My favorite thing about the home bar is that it brings out an old Hollywood glamour feel to your place. Now who wouldn’t want that?!

Home bar

Meeting at different bars and ordering drinks all night can damage your wallet. Stocked home bars can benefit you with saving money and still enjoy your nights as much as you would at a bar.

If you don’t already have a built in bar, no worries, a classic looking bar cart can do the same damage as the built in one. It is a great furniture piece to invest your money in.

An important tip to remember when stocking your bar is to make sure that it is ready to accommodate all types of tastes. However, don’t forget to put your personal twist to it. No matte how you choose to decorate your house there is always a bar cart to match your style.

Another great thing about home bars is that both men and women love them. Convincing your husband to buy the bar cart won’t be as hard as asking him to buy a pink couch. There is something masculine about home bar’s that even hubby’s will dig the fact that liquor is pretty close to the couch they usually sits at.


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If you working with a budget, these bar carts are stylish but costs less money. These are some of my favorite designs that will turn your living room into a fun space for you and your friends to chill. I hope you enjoy ninko’s top picks.

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Before purchasing the home bar, think about where you going to place the cart. I always like to include the bar with the rest of the living room furniture. It gives the room chic and girly vibe.

Also choosing the bar cart with wheels is a better choice because you can wheel it anywhere in the room and if you are not always using it you can tuck it away in the corner. Now start thinking and get to shopping!!

XoXo Nina

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