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Ballroom dancing is very popular in Florida. I know this because I did it myself for couple of years and I loved every minute of it. Meeting other competitors and actually enjoying seeing other people have fun is what I loved about dancing. I have heard that any kind of dancing helps people with balance and flexibility, plus it’s a good workout.

When I used to pick a gown to wear for the competitions I would choose the one that screamed ME the most. Being confidant on the dance floor is the ticket to winning the gold, however, the prices of those beautiful gowns can go as high as 10,000 dollars. That was never going to happen so i found a solution for my issue and it’s called Amazon.

Little Teaser

*** A little trick for you to follow. When buying the ballroom dresses on amazon, you should also add few packs of rhinestones so that you can become the designer of your own dress.

Different Styles

Let’s start with my favorite genre of dancing, the Latin dances. I mostly enjoyed their upbeat music, sexy outfits and beautiful body movements. Latin dresses are usually short to show off your legs although wearing a long dress isn’t wrong, dancers usually make sure the dress comes with a slit to prevent the heel getting caught.i

Some of the dancers put extra on extra skirt or a frill to exaggerate the hip movements since Shakira told us that “hips don’t lie”. Smooth dances crave those long and bedazzling ballgowns. Why you may ask?  During dancing when you twist and turn, the dress swirls and give a wow effect.

When you are dancing a Peabody or the West Coast Swing, the costumes look exactly something that would of came out of Downtown Abbey (my absolutely fave).

Tango outfits are my other favorite because Tango gives the vibe of a strong independ woman that knows how to take care of herself. Most of the tango dresses are red and black which are very deep and bold colors, matching the idea of what really Tango dancing means.

More Dresses

The Shoes

Picking out a dancing shoe online is pretty easy. With ballroom dancing you obvious want your feet to feel comfortable, however, your feet are the ones that control your spins and your moves. That being said, getting a size smaller in shoes it the way to go.

Your toes will be on the floor but this is the best way to have a control of your body so you don’t fall or make a mistake. Trust on this. Latin shoes are opened toed and smooth dances such as waltz, foxtrot, and Viennese Waltz are closed toe shoes.

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