Azalea Wang - Shoes To Die For 2021!

Azalea Wang Shoes

Know for the spiciest shoes and outwear, I'm so glad I've found affordable, fashion savvy shoes designed by Azalea Wang. I've been a fan long before I started blogging so it was only fair to spill the tea about Azalea Wang designer shoes.

First of all, let's talk about the price. The baddest footwear styles can go from $40 to $200 depending on the style you're choosing. The sugar high stiletto sandals in black with rhinestone straps can be seen all over the social media. Although the prices are in the thousands, I got my Azaleas for $40 dollars. The decorative rhinestone bow, a square toe, a stiletto heel and a classic buckle closure can be considered a perfect shoe.

A Georgian designer Mach and Mach became popular in the Hollywood scene after Megan Fox was seeing wearing pink Mach and Mach outfit with double crystal bow square toe sandals that costs about $1,000+ dollars. I wouldn't say that Azalea Wang shoes are a dupe but they are very similar is style and design and I don't mind buying such great quality shoes for $40 dollars.

My point is that Azalea Wang knows how to make a girl fall in love. Shop the looks below:


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