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I have been curious about airbrush makeup set after seeing commercials and from friends using it. When it comes to makeup, I make sure that my foundation is good enough to cover my freckles and any pimples that decide to pop out that day. I heard great things about the airbrush make up and how it makes your skin glow and look radiant so I wanted to try it myself. I know girls buy fake freckles that look amazingly real, however for girls that were born with them it’s not so cute.

Art of Air

After little bit of investigating, I have found the set that has glowing reviews and everyone loves it. Art of Air Professional Cosmetic Airbrush can help you create magazine cover look. It is water based makeup that comes with 6 fair and medium foundation set, airbrush compressor system, and a carrying bag.
When you receive your product there are few steps that you have to go through:

  1. Removing grey handle from the airbrush stylus
  2. Reinserting the needle and making sure it’s pushed all the way
  3. Screwing the chucking nut back on tight. It is definitely a learning curve to grasp the use of the machine to its fullest potential

Compressor works well and can be adjusted to different strength levels with a knob that controls the pressure of the flow. There is no charging required, however it comes with a plug that is standard US plug to the wall. Its like plugging in a hair straighter or blow dryer to do your hair.

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The range of different colors makes it easy to find your tone or you can mix and match liquids to find your perfect color. One thing that I liked using my friends airbrush was that it was super light to hold and gives you natural day look or full contour coverage for a night out. It’s a great product to use to hide your flaws, in this case it’s my freckles.

Before testing out the gun, you should try and use it on a piece of paper or a towel to get the feel of the spray and how close you want to spray it to your face. You are suppose to use circular motions all around but if you don’t that’s ok too. If you are still uncomfortable using the machine on your own, there are many YouTube tutorials that can help you get started.It will take several tries to perfect it. You want your skin to look natural not cakey or powdery. Don’t get discouraged if it takes 10-15 minutes to put on your makeup, remember that practice makes it better.

Airbrush CleanerAirbrush Cleaner

The lazy person that I know I am, it was super easy for me to clean it. I suggest cleaning it after every using lukewarm water and rinsing it thoroughly to avoid clogging. Estimated time to clean the gun is about 2-3 minutes and that I can live with. You can always use Iwata Medea airbrush cleaner that does amazing job getting everything out. DO NOT USE ALCOHOL to clean the gun, it will eat away the coating.

My problem with regular foundation is that, working long nights or going out for the night, the make up looks run down and my freckles start to show. However, with this product, I am guaranteed full coverage for 8-10 hours. It also conceals blemishes, age spots, redness, acne, wrinkles and dark circles around the eye. The water based product they provide is silicon free, hypoallergenic, fragrance and oil free as well.

I have asked questions about using other products in the gun but to avoid clogging it is best to use only airbrush products that are water based. Putting anything else will mess up your look and can damage the machine, so I suggest sticking with their products. If there is an issue with the product or need something replace, they provide you with information about who to call with the issues. They are awesome at taking care of their clients.

Similar Products

When I am doing household errands, airbrush makeup can take a few minutes to apply so I use L’Oréal visible lift blur foundation. It’s an efficient way to put on makeup and go about your day. It contains sunscreen(SPF 18) which is great for Floridians. Aside from airbrush water based makeup, the lift blur foundation is not oil free but it has never clogged up pores because of its light texture. It’s very easy to apply and you don’t need to use a lot of it which helps in saving mone. When I use this product I look like I got a nice spray tan because it covers everything I need it to cover. This is a product you must buy and try.


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