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Fun Facts:

Ann Taylor gets women if you want to put it as simply as possible. This trendy store is for women that have to juggle many activities at the same time. Their styles can be considered as luxury and classy. This statement came from Ann Taylor's websites that says "Our values are her values. We get that a woman expresses herself through what she wears – at work, at home and at play". With that being said, you know feel confident shopping with Ann Taylor because you know they have your best interest at heart.

Richard Liebeskind was the founder of Ann Taylor in New Haven, Connecticut in 1954. The brand got it's name from the best-selling dress at his fathers stores called Ann Taylor. He thought Ann was a New England name and Taylor evoked the idea of tailored fashion so he stuck with the name. in 1996 Loft was established that was considered an extension of original Ann Taylor brand. Loft is considered more casual replica of the main brand and today it is it's own brand that carries it's own style. Enough talking and let's shop these fabulous styles.

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