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Embroidered clothing or accessories have that distinct vintage look. When I wear those types of clothes I feel like I am on an exotic vacation. I consider embroidered clothing as an art piece. If it's done right, It takes a lot of work and stitching to achieve the unique look. So whether you are getting vacation clothing or updating your closet, check out these pieces below and shop your favorites.Embroidered Clothing

My favorite place to shop to find latest embroidered clothing is ASOS. Starting from dresses and ending it with shoes, they have everything you will need to bedazzle your outfit.

Embroidery has been around for thousands of years and today the technique has evolved considerably. What makes embroidered clothing so popular is because its versatility. They can be complex and expensive or simple and affordable yet I have found the perfect middle combo. Check out ninko's favorites below

How to wear the trend

Gucci is the one to blame for this must have fashion trend. They have attached embroidery to all of their clothing pieces and accessories especially to their jean jacket collection. With that being said whether you are at work, at the mall or at the brunch with your girls there is always a way to include embroidery into your look. You can get couple of styles out of embroidery clothing such as street, elegant, and everyday outfits. Since Florida's temperature hits 100F on daily bases, with embroidery clothing you are more likely to survive the heat than wearing a regular shirt. It allows your body to breathe so you don't get overheated easily.

End Note

Embroidery clothing had first appear on the last years fashion shows and everyone that was influenced had lost their minds including myself. They are fun to look at and enjoyable to wear. Let's not forget the details- they are so precise. Happy Shopping!

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