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This Christmas my boyfriend got me the best surprise gift ever, a makeup desk and the whole set up. We have 2 bedroom/2 bathroom apartment by the beach so we don't have a lot of space to work with. Honestly I think he got tired of all of my makeup spread out on the bathroom counter day and night. Even though I tried to keep it clean, for some reason they tends to always find their way on top of the counter.

Makeup is such an important part our our everyday routine. I know I spend my precious mornings trying to look like an actual human for the day with products that I've invested money into in return to look like a human being. Don't you think it's only fair to have a designated, special and professional spot to do those things?! Exactly, so I started begging my boyfriend for my little space of makeup heaven.

I think he was more excited than I was. He got the measuring tape out and went looking on Amazon for the perfect makeup desks that would fit my character and personality. Since we don't have a lot of space, he found the perfect desk that fit's like a glove in the corner of our bedroom. HE NAILED IT!!

My Spot!

I love my little desk. I think it's a perfect fit for me. I never knew that doing makeup could be this enjoyable. Instead of standing in my bathroom trying to do my hair, I can relax my feet and sit down. You can own all the makeup in the world but if you don't have the right setup it will be hard to perfect the celebrity look and avoid looking like Bridget Jones from the "Bridget Jones's diary".

I have seen amazing vanity setups that cost thousands of dollars, however, that's a little much for me. Therefore, I have learned that buying makeup desks for less money does the same job as the luxury brands. The key to smart shopping is to save money while getting the right tools to achieve your inspired look.

Below I have compiled a list of vanity desks under $200, $300, and up, so that the decision can be easily made depending on your budget.

Vanities Under $200!

When doing your desk shopping, always remember to buy the vanity that will inspire you, give you the confidence and give you the tools to beautify yourself every day. Don't buy the desk because it looks good but make sure it will fit your environment as well. Amazon has everything you need to fix up your spot.

So let's shop for the most important furniture piece in the whole household - your vanity desk 🙂

Vanities Under $300!

Vanity Under $500

Mirror Mirror On The Wall...

Some of the example I have shown you already comes with the mirror attached, however, most of them come with an option  to remove the mirror so that you can attach your own. You can go for a bold statement by placing a full length mirror behind the desk or a magnifying mirror with lights - the choice is yours.


Natural light is the best light for doing your makeup, but if you don't have a space close to the window you can buy a built in LED attached mirrors. Getting the right lighting is so crucial for doing your daily makeup and with bad lighting you might end really screwing up your makeup.

The great thing about the LED lights is that sometimes one setting can be too bright and others can be too low, the bottom line is that you can do whatever you want. It's a comforting to have that availability.

Extra Storage

I have mentioned that buying desks with storage is the best way to go. You don't want all the makeup cluttered on top of the desk. I have one big drawer that I keep my brushes, straightener, masks and traveling bags. If you can afford it get the storage sets, it will really save your life.

Photo Cred: E!

Knowing how much I love the Kardashian's style he went and got me the same beauty box that they have. This 5 tier drawer will hold everything you got. Its comfortable, great quality and I love how you can see through. The price tag on this beauty is $45.99 and I think it's a fair fit.

End Note:

I'm glad you are thinking about getting a makeup desk and your own little corner. I think every girls needs this 🙂 Happy Shopping my fashionistas! Stay looking beautiful!

XoXo Nina

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