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About Nina

I'm here to inspire you with the famous South Florida Sexy Style.
It's that simple

I was born in Republic of Georgia (a small country in Europe) but have been a Floridian at heart since 2004. I live in a city called Fort Lauderdale with my fluffy Eskie named Slick. He is a smart and loving dog, when he doesn't shed vigorously. I consider myself a creative person who often likes to experiment with fashion. I guess that makes me a "Fashionista in Florida".

NINKO.US is about fashion, beauty and lifestyle and a platform for me to share all my thoughts and ideas out to you. With my blog, I want other fashionistas to find their unique style, take risks and enjoy being their new selves. I personally never liked mainstream fashion ideas and opinions because everyone has a right to express themselves the way they want to be perceived as. I look at fashion as a weapon of confidence and with my fashion advice I hope I can help women feel bold, strong and beautiful.
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